July 1981


Uncovering the Truth About the 1981 Hunger Strike

Brian Rowan and Brendan Duddy to Speak at Feile

The Secret Peacemaker

Brendan Duddy interviewed by Brian Rowan
St Mary’s University College
Saturday 1st August, 2.30pm

For two decades spanning a period from the early seventies to 1993, Brendan Duddy was the secret link between the British Government and the republican leadership. His codename was the ‘Mountain Climber’ and he was the ‘backchannel’ as the British and the IRA explored peace in the early nineties. In conversation with journalist Brian Rowan, followed by Q & A.

Feile Belfast

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  1. Kate. says:

    The interview between Brian Rowan, and Brendan Duddy can be found here in its entireity. (So far 12 uploads, the rest will be uploaded later today 3/8/2009.)

    He speaks about the first and second hunger strikes and more.


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A day-by-day account of the events of early July, 1981.

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