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Uncovering the Truth About the 1981 Hunger Strike

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1981: British and IRA Prisoners Appear Ready To Move Toward Agreement
1981: 5th IRA Hunger Striker Dies Before Settlement Reached
Solution Sabotaged – Garret FitzGerald (1991)
Thatcher gave approval to talks with IRA (1999)
Thatcher’s Secret Channel & Deal to End Hunger Strike (1999)
Thatcher’s dealings with IRA go back to hunger strikes (1999)
Jim Gibney: Long Kesh Revisited
Danny Morrison: The Visit
Was my father’s death PR exercise? (2005)
Monsignor Faul regrets his ‘late intervention’ (2005)
Allegations of a rejected deal spark fury among republicans
‘Dying wasn’t their decision’
Hunger strikers’ lives not sacrificed — family (2005)
Hunger Strikers Story Brought to Book (2005)
Hunger strikers’ deaths must be fully explained, says author (2005)
Hunger strike claims rile H-block veterans (2005)
McFarlane denies Hunger Strike deal was struck (2005)
Anthony McIntyre: A Blanketman Still Fighting To Be Heard
Morrison: Hunger strikers wanted more than vague promises (2005)
Danny Morrison: O’Rawe’s Attacks Untrue
Laurence McKeown: Answering back on the Hunger Strike
H-Block Hypocrisy (2005)
Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane: “It did not happen” (2005)
Book Review: A Must Read
Hugh Logue: For the cause or caucus (2005 Book Review)
‘Raw truth’ of Hunger Strike
Hunger strike revisited
Dead Men Talking …
A bizarre tale with a ring of authenticity
Anthony McIntyre: A Spartan’s Story
Dramas out of crises
Dolours Price: A Salute to Comrades
Book Review: The Conflict Encapsulated
Thatcher’s ‘offer to hunger strikers’
An Phoblacht: Interview with Bik McFarlane
Jim Gibney (May, 2006)
O’Rawe responds to Gibney (2006)
Anthony McIntyre interviews Richard O’Rawe (2006)
Brendan Hughes: O’Rawe Told Me His Concerns (2006)
Danny Morrison: Hunger strike deal didn’t exist + Timeline (2006)
O’Rawe refuted: Danny Morrison publishes H-Block comms (2006)
Salvaging History from Deceit
Richard O’Rawe, PSF, and Events in 1981
Brendan Hughes: Ending the 1980 Hunger Strike
Eamon McCann – “Richard isn’t a liar. He told the truth in his book.” (2008)
“Rusty Nail”: O’Rawe’s account confirmed: Hunger Strikers Allowed To Die
Derry Journal: ‘There was no offer to end hunger strike’– ex-prisoner
“Rusty Nail” – Hunger Strike Controversy Has Not Gone Away, You Know
Derry Journal: O’Rawe and Greg Harkin
“Rusty Nail”: O’Rawe & the Derry Journal
Bobby Sands Trust: MI5 on Hunger Strike (John Blelloch)
Anthony McIntyre: The Blelloch Interview
Statement: IRSP Response to Downing Street Documents
Sunday Times: Was Gerry Adams complicit over hunger strikers?
Anthony McIntyre: The Thatcher Intervention
Irish News: Hunger Strike Deal Must Be Disclosed
Irish Times: SF denies claims on hunger strike deaths
Statement from Kevin McQuillan
“Rusty Nail”: Did Thatcher Kill All Ten, or only 4?
Bobby Sands Trust: Documents Still Withheld
Statement: Danny Morrison
Statement: Sinn Fein
Sinn Fein Timeline
Statement: Oliver Hughes
Richard O’Rawe: Let’s have the whole truth about the Hunger Strike
Why Adams sticks to his Maze myth
“Rusty Nail”: What were the hunger strikers told?
Bobby Sands Trust: Sunday Times Refuses to Publish Answers
“Rusty Nail”: When in a hole…
The Sile Darragh letter
‘There was never any deal offered’
A fresh glimpse into the untold story of the hunger strike
“Rusty Nail”: Announcement of Gasyard Meeting
Gerry Adams refusal to attend Gasyard Meeting
Anthony McIntyre: A Shifting Narrative
Transcript of Willie Gallagher’s Gasyard Meeting Speech
“Rusty Nail”: Account of Gasyard Meeting
“Rusty Nail”: 1981 Hunger Strike Truth Commission
Key points from “Rusty Nail” discussion: End of 1st Hunger Strike
Discussion between ‘Blanketmanh3’ and “Rusty Nail”
Sile Darragh’s letter deconstructed + Sands Family objection
The July Offer: Statement by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Anthony McIntyre: Gasyard Examines Graveyard
British ‘had no intention of resolving the hunger strike’
“Rusty Nail”: The Evolution Of Bik McFarlane’s Memory
Anthony McIntyre: Five Crucial Points
Chicago Hunger Strike Commemoration speech
Statement: Former Hunger Striker Gerard Hodgins
Derry Journal: Former Blanketman Donncha Mac Niallais
Anthony McIntyre: Withstanding the Regime
Statement: Former Blanketman Thomas ‘Dixie’ Elliott
Statement: IRSP Support for Inquiry
SF to meet hunger strike families over deal ‘myth’
“Rusty Nail”: Gerry Adams to meet Hunger Strikers Families; Inquiry Sought
Irish News letters page: Tread lightly on the dreams of heroes
Statement: Call for an Inquiry
Anthony McIntyre: Clash of Perspectives
Irish News: Former Blanketman Joe McNulty
“Rusty Nail”: Account of Gulladuff Meeting
Sinn Fein issue statement on behalf of families
Bobby Sands Trust: Hunger Strikers’ Families Speak Out
Anthony McIntyre: Dribblers
AOH on Hunger Strike Families Meeting with Sinn Fein
Anthony McIntyre: The Wonka Theory of Everything
An Phoblacht: Hunger Strikers’ families challenge false claims over deaths
One reader still has questions about 1981 hunger strike
Patsy O’Hara Memorial Attacked
Martina Anderson ‘disgusted’ by hunger strike row
Oliver Hughes letter in Derry Journal
Families back inquiry into 1981 events
Sinn Fein’s ‘negotiating skills’ seem to get rusty with time
Ten Men Dead pgs 292-294: The offer described
Side by Side: The July Offer and Ten Men Dead
Derry Journal: Hunger-strike – look at the facts
Derry Journal: You won’t bury the truth
Derry Journal: Richard O’Rawe statement
IRSP reject Anderson criticism
Brian Rowan and Brendan Duddy to Speak at Feile
“Rusty Nail”: Updated Timeline and Upcoming Discussion
Derry Journal: Seeking the ‘facts’ on the hunger strike
Timeline: 29 June – 4 July 1981
Timeline: 5 July 1981
Timeline: 6 July 1981
Timeline: 7 July 1981
Timeline: 8-12 July 1981
Joe McDonnell’s Death: Expanded Timeline 29 June – 12 July 1981
Cartoon: Enforcing the Cover Up
Cartoon: Throwing the Book At Gerry
“Rusty Nail”: Prolonging the Hunger Strike: The Derailing of the ICJP
Gerry Adams recalls Kieran Doherty
Jim Gibney on Brendan Duddy: Secret go-between shines a light on history makers
“Rusty Nail”: Gerry Adams speaking with Kieran Doherty, 29 July 1981
Pádraic Wilson: The hunger strikes of ’81 and what they mean today
Pádraic Wilson Hunger Strike Talk & Disco with Full Bar
Text of Padraic Wilson speech at Hunger Strike commemoration in West Belfast
Sinn Fein spokesman: No evidence exists to prove ‘bogus claims’
Pádraic Wilson in Andersonstown News
Irish News letters page: Who killed the hunger strikers?
Irish News letters page: (S)he who paid the piper
“Rusty Nail”: A Case to Answer
Irish News: THE HUNGER STRIKE: Special Investigation
Irish News: Violence of the year left 118 people dead
Irish News: Chain of events that led to deaths
Irish News: Conflict is over but the battle for truth goes on
Irish News: Hunger Strike freed us all from cycle of deadly ways
Irish News: Deal allegations hurtful to family
Irish News: Provos ‘kept rivals in dark’
Irish News: INLA man’s son calls for inquiry
Irish News: Eight families meet but not all back statement
Irish News: Deal with British government vetoed by IRA says FitzGerald
Irish News: Martin McGuinness
Irish News: Laurence McKeown
Irish News: Richard O’Rawe
Irish News: Hugh Logue, ICJP
Irish News: The Other Players
Garret had mole among H-Block hunger strikers
“Rusty Nail”: Deconstructing McGuinness
Irish News: Sinn Fein leaders didn’t want protest to end says ex-minister
Irish News: Documents say Thatcher ‘would not risk initiative’
Irish News: Duddy ‘never given written statement’
Irish News: First confirmation of Republic’s intelligence operations in north
Irish News: Speculation mounts on the identity of Maze spy
Irish News: Gerard Hodgins – “All evidence points to dark dealings”
Irish News: Deal claims ‘completely wrong’: O Bradaigh
Irish News: O’Rawe warned of backlash from republicans – journalist
Irish News: Independent inquiry may end ‘festering sore’
Anthony McIntyre: Victory to Blanketmen
Irish News letters page: The men behind the wire grow all the more noble as time reveals its truth
The breathtaking hypocrisy of Garret FitzGerald
Irish News rehashes bogus claim of ‘deal’ during Hunger Strike
“Rusty Nail”: Feint and Retreat
Was there a deal? The IRA hunger strike debate continues
Hunger striker’s children renew inquiry call
Devine Children Have Questions for McKeown
Gerry Adams: The Irish News and Garret FitzGerald’s ‘new memory’ about 1981 H-Blocks Hunger Strike deal
“Rusty Nail”: Adams and the Irish News
Cllr McIvor: Sinn Fein ‘allowed’ no-one to die on hunger strike
“Rusty Nail”: Update to Adams & The Irish News
Adams’ Revised Article for the Irish News: There was no deal
An Phoblacht and The Irish News
Adams rejects hunger strike ‘deal’ claims
Probe ’81 deal claim ex-INLA man says
Hunger strikers ‘were not sacrificed for political gain’
Ruairí Ó Brádaigh: In the interests of historical accuracy
Tony O’Hara: The truth about the Hunger Strike
Bernard Fox: Claims only add to pain
Richard O’Rawe: There was an offer on the table – but the prisoners weren’t told
“Rusty Nail”: Chain of Command
Only an independent inquiry can reveal the truth of the Hunger Strike
Irish News letters page, 26 October 2009
Irish News letters page, 27 October 2009
Sinn Fein leaders must bow to plea for Hunger Strike deal inquiry
Irish News letters: Judge the hunger strikers on their own brave deeds
Thomas ‘Dixie’ Elliott: “We got nothing”
Radio Free Eireann interviews Ruairí Ó Brádaigh
Irish News letters page: The Facts of the Hunger Strike Have Already Been Established
Irish News letters page: Only an inquiry can solve 1981 Hunger Strike issues
Irish News letters page: Act provides facts
Irish News letters page: There was no hunger strike offer
Excerpt from Adams interview with Irish News
Deadline for NIO on Hunger Strike FOI Request: 8 March 2009
NIO ordered to respond to Sentinel request
Gerry Adams speech on Joe McDonnell: A Heroic Leader
Jim Gibney: Hunger Striker Helped Others Through Toughest Times
Finding a way through a maze of missed chances
NIO documents released to Sentinel
Sentinel: Never-before-seen 1981 hunger strike documents disclosed
Interview with Bik McFarlane, Derry Journal
Former IRA prison leader releases O’Rawe ‘comms’
The Public and the Private
Read between the lines and shine Ghost Light on Gaza
Adams starved hunger strikers of the truth
The Tragedy of 1980
Forget the myths, Adams didn’t trade lives for votes
Gerry Adams: The ’81 hunger strike
UPDATED: Danny Morrison on the end of the 1980 hunger strike
Did Hunger Strikers Believe Danny’s Spin?
How Could Brits Renege if There Was No Offer?
Underlying Slur in Morrison’s Hunger Strike Comments
Richard O’Rawe speech in Chicago
Press Release: Unseen Documents Unveiled during Launch of Duddy Archive at NUI Galway
Mountain Climber Notes
“Rusty Nail”: The Smoking Gun
Mountain Climber Notes + Timeline
Provo bosses let hunger-strikers die – they know who they are and so do I
Adams rejected chance of early end to hunger strike
British believed elements of IRA wanted peace in 1981
Margaret Thatcher was told ‘some’ IRA leaders wanted violence to stop in 1981
UPDATED: National Archives 30 Year Papers – July, 1981
Thatcher’s Offers
Documentary: The Hunger Strikes

The Rhythm Of Time, by Bobby Sands
Uncovering the Truth About the 1981 Hunger Strike
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