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Patsy O’Hara Memorial Attacked

30 June 2009
Irish Republican Socialist Party (Derry)

Patsy O’Hara Memorial Attacked


The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemns the attack on the Patsy O’Hara memorial in Bishop Street (Derry) which occurred we believe on
Monday morning at or around 3.30am.

IRSP spokesperson Martin McMonagle described the attack as pointless but sinister.

“Presently we do not know who carried out the attack on the memorial and we would appeal for anyone who seen anyone in that area at that
time to get in touch with the IRSP.

“This attack was carried out by cowards under the cover of darkness. To attack a memorial to one of our hunger strikers is absolutely deplorable. Members of our party have already spoken to residents in Bishop Street and there is a very real feeling of anger at this attack on the memorial.

“This is the second time that this area has come under similar attack. Last year the accompanying mural nearby was paint bombed.

“Patsy O’Hara was and is held in the highest regard by the people of Bishop Street and the entire city and as such we would view this attack on the memorial as an attack on the entire republican community of Derry. Anyone with any information can contact the IRSP on 71353090 or derryirsp@gmail.com.”


Sourced from Republican Socialist News

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One Response

  1. Donna says:

    This sucks! For anyone to disrespect any memorial to any fallen person, regardless of the reason for the memorial (or the attacker’s personal belief) is one of the lowest things a person can do. I hope and pray that the person(s) responsible for this is caught and punished for this crime.


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