July 1981


Uncovering the Truth About the 1981 Hunger Strike

Statement: Oliver Hughes

Francis Hughes’s family speaks out


THE family of Francis Hughes, the second Hunger Striker to die in 1981, have responded to the Sunday Times story. Speaking through Oliver Hughes, they said:

“We came through that terrible year of 1981 and all the years afterwards supported by our memory of Francis, a young Irishman of whom we remain very, very proud. oliver-hughes

“In recent years we have read various accounts of the Hunger Strike and talk of negotiations and offers. We know who it was that took away Special Category status, who it was beat the prisoners, who it was caused the Hunger Strike and refused to do a deal which at the time would have saved lives.

“That was 28 years ago but still there are those who, for whatever reason, bring up the past in a way that puts us through more pain and distress. If they are really concerned about how this one family of a Hunger Striker feels then I would ask them to put the issue to rest.” – Oliver Hughes

Sourced from An Phoblacht

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